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Today, education is also included in basic needs for a human being. Good and proper education is important for everyone as it plays important role in our day to day life. To gain a knowledge on any topic we are supposed to be educated.Education is a process of learning, achieving knowledge, values, skills, moral habits, beliefs.

As you know, uplift (उत्थान) is meant to get someone from low or inferior state to higher or higher state. We continue this fact for those innocent children who are not as lucky as us and your children, they are broken, frustrated, they are alive but not from life, they are breath but there is no passion but they want, are the wishes but the way is not. We give such a way to children who want to fulfill their dreams, because if we give them money then they will be empty from the next day, if we give them food then they will be looking for food again the next day, that is why we are uplifting through the work of providing education to those children. So that they can make a better future with a good sense of junk. Their prayers will ensure your victory in life.

Utthan street school is an effort put forward by a group of youngester who are working together to promote & provide free education to underprivileged children residing on streets & slum areas. Our aim is to reach out & provide free education to each & every child across the city, state, country and all over world who is deprived of basic educational facilities.


As a Lado initiative, we are using it for girls and women. If we want to tell the true meaning of Lado, then it is a lovely address for the daughter. Under which a variety of free training centers for girls' education and their development or a table of useful facts such as Kanyadaan for the future are included, as well as self-reliance from time to time to further improve their physical and mental development. The work of giving other types of education is also done. The daughter is not the burden of the head, but the crown of the father's head and is the basic part of the development of the country. Therefore, respect every mother, sister and daughter with heart. Because from this we have life and identity.

SF Society is an NGO which is also working for Resourceless girls marriage. Mainly to perform the “kanyadaan” of daughters whose families can’t afford a wedding. We try to support the girls and their family by bearing the expenses of the wedding and demolish dowry and suicide due to lack of funds for marriage.

We believe that no girl should be treated as a burden just due to her marriage expenses. Our aim is to make all the basic arrangements and funds required for a wedding and help such families and brides. According to us A human which is making such arrangements to an unknown family in the form of kanyadaan is a greater person than the person who actually performs kanyadaan because he is donating for the person to perform the most auspicious ceremony.

We have donated Saree, Bangles, Sindur, Blankets, Anklets Home Appliances, Utensils and so many other useable things in 30 different wedding ceremonies.


Environment is the surrounding in which we live. It is the source of life. Our whole life is dependent to the environment. Good or bad quality of social life depends on the quality of our natural environment. The need of human beings for food, water, shelter and other things depends on the environment around us. There is a balanced natural cycle exists between environment and lives of human beings, plants and animals. Human society is playing vital role in degenerating the natural environment which in turn negatively affects the lives on this planet. All the human actions in this modern world directly impact the whole ecosystem.

SF Helping Hand's Society is an NGO, spreading greenery with its core philosophy of “planting trees for the people, by the people”.

There is a campaign that we are running i.e "Vanya" to save the wild environment, as you know every person in the world is contributing to spoiling the environment. Whether there is smoke of trains, mobile waves, water damage, use of plastic or any other reason, but we are all going to bring the earth towards destruction. We also contribute to every mistake, but we expect that the government is to improve it. If we fight together for our next generation of clean water or fresh air then it will be our fault, we still have time and we should take responsibility for improving our mistake. In this country/world, we can do all we can, but we just want to make the promise that every month or every year, plant a plant in our society or nearby place and take the responsibility of raising their care as you take care of your children. If you cannot do it yourself, then you can donate your contribution as a plant or some money, so that you can do this holy work for our organization/society smoothly and with this initiative, your future generations will be open to you. By this you can express your gratitude. our whole sole aim is to bring together the entire mankind for a healthy future secured with trees.


We provides blood, We strive to find your blood group in your local. To keep your family as healthy and safe as possible. According to WHO data, India faces a shortage of 3 million blood units. This shortage can easily be eliminated if only an additional 2% of India's youth donates blood. To make this possible, BloodConnect acts as a channel connecting voluntary blood donors with those who need blood. It is a youth-run organization and provides free help and specially works to target the poor and the needy.